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This is a site dedicated the iPhone/iPod game Zombies Live where you can add your code and people can use that code to recruit you.

Adding your code to this list is free. Your code can be found on the main page of the application, as well as in the "Recruit" section. Each person who adds a code will have their code inserted at the top of the list until the next person submits their code. Only the last 20 codes will be listed. You can continue to add your code and will be replaced back at the top of the list at any time.

If you find any codes that do not work please use our contact us form, and we will investigate and remove any codes that are found to be invlid.

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  1. WN8WUM
  2. 7467F2
  3. E4CJJ2
  4. PJ3S9S
  5. 5MNUP2
  6. 9GP4VY
  7. 6MQDSQ
  8. 993VJ4
  9. C3UY6Q
  10. GBESXA
  11. 7B286Y
  12. CRUH4Y
  13. YB9PPB
  14. VMSXNJ
  15. TS32RE
  16. PATUEM
  17. YMA4BB
  18. TWNY4B
  19. YB9PBB
  20. K87XTM

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